There are many driving schools currently operating in Johannesburg and across Gauteng. The most crucial choice for parents, teenagers and existing drivers, is deciding on a school with a reputation for excellence and integrity.

At SADES Driving School our reputation speaks volumes. Since our inception we have taken great pride in offering our students the very best. From comprehensive preparation for learners’ licenses, through to our excellent first time pass rates for drivers’ licenses, SADES firmly believes in preparing our students for the many challenges awaiting them on Gauteng’s busy roads.

When you choose SADES to prepare you for your K53 test, you have access to our GPG qualified instructors, as well as our GPG approved private training grounds. We offer the latest model power steering, dual controlled vehicles.

While SADES Driving School is based in Gauteng, we assist students in all areas of Johannesburg. Our professional and friendly driving instructors will collect students from their homes or other venues and will return them at the conclusion of their lesson. On the day of your test, your SADES instructor will accompany you to and from the testing station.

SADES is owner managed and operated and is based in Gauteng. Our reputation as the preferred and largest driving school in Gauteng enables us to offer our expertise to all students. We will guide you through the entire process involved in obtaining your drivers’ license.