Get your license to drive a bus or goods truck in no time, with our effective driving courses.

We have helped thousands of heavy-motor vehicle drivers pass their tests and transport goods and people safely. Our lessons focus on preparation and practical driving skills, so you can confidently pass your test and navigate the roads and highways of South Africa safely.

Code 10 allows you to drive any vehicle up to 16 000kg, with a trailer of up 750 Kg. Licence also includes a permit to drive code 8 vehicles. A learner’s license is required to take the test.

What We Cover

  • K53 curriculum – The theory behind the test, including the various: checks, rules, procedures, signals and markings.
  • Vehicle controls – How to use and adjust the functions and features of a HMV to drive safely in various conditions. These include: headlights, gears, windscreen wipers, emergency lights, rear-view mirrors, etc.
  • Pre-trip inspection – The structured steps where you show the road-worthiness of your heavy vehicle to the examiner.
  • Road test –The 20-40 min practical test of your driving skills in navigating South African streets safely and legally. To prepare, we include a mock driver’s license test along your licensing centre’s test route.
  • Yard test – 20 min test of your vehicle handling and parking skills, carried out at the test station. This test includes: emergency breaking and taking off an incline.

How We Make Sure you Pass

  • Low-pressure lesson environment.
  • Test vehicle and lesson vehicle are the same.
  • Structured modular lessons.
  • We focus on both traffic preparation and test preparation.
  • Fully-accredited, experienced instructors.

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