Exciting Driving courses that promote road-safety and keep your insurance premiums down.

Take your driving skills to the next level with our one-on-one advanced driving courses. Our modules are specially designed improve your understanding of vehicle dynamics, create life-saving driving reflexes and improve reaction to road hazards and emergencies, as well as address early identification of these hazards.

Advanced driving courses have been statistically proven to reduce an individual’s likelihood of being in an accident. In addition, an advanced driving certificate improves your risk profile, leading to reduced insurance premiums and other insurance related costs (such as claim excess).

What We Cover

  • Comprehensive driving skills analysis.
  • Defensive driving.
  • Advanced vehicle dynamics.
  • Traffic awareness.
  • Safe driving habits.
  • Over  and under-steering prevention and handling.
  • Skid correction.
  • Gear changing techniques.
  • Manoeuvrability Training.

Course Benefits

  • Leads to lower insurance premiums.
  • Reduced traffic congestion anxiety and improved confidence.
  • Reduced fuel consumption and vehicle wear-and-tear costs.
  • Proven to the improve you and your family’s safety on the road.

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